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Team Awesome Ride Schedule... [Jul. 25th, 2006|10:31 am]
The Awesomes


This week:

Tonight I am going to Morris Bridge--will be there about 6:30ishPM.

For the rest of the week, I am out of town, so yalls are on yer own.

This weekend! Big stuff, ladies! BIG STUFF!!

Saturday, July 29th, at some point during the day I am going to Santos to camp out...maaaaaybe will ride before then...perhaps the Bridge on the way out? Any takers on that? I am thinking if I do Morris Bridge, it will be late to mid-morning-ish.

Sunday, July 30th is the Swamp Santos ride at 9:30AM starting from the main trail head ("Santos Trailhead" on the map). Santos is a cool park...yall should try to make it if you can. If you are interested in camping, I have room for one more tent in my space, but my tent is full. Here is a map of the trail itself, should you want to review it.

The Monday after that I am on the road again for the entire week, so once again, you are on your own. Go on, BIKE BIKE BIKE!!! I would have wanted it that way!!!