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team_of_awesome's Journal

The Awesomes
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Do we ride because we are awesome, or are we awesome because we ride??
This community is for those who ride with Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, and Awesome. Awesome is the Official Captain and Awesome is the Skipper.

During the Week:
Wednesdays and Thursdays - 5:15PM starting at the downtown Dunedin Pinellas Trailhead. We ride until roughly sundown--about a 10-15 mile ride depending.

Saturdays - 8:00AM starting at the Captain's House unless we wanna go elsewhere. Typical destinations are Gulfport, downtown St. Pete and North Pinellas County. This is a 20+ mile ride.

Here is a map of the Pinellas Trail.

All other days vary....but this is a start. Speeds vary on the Awesome...it takes all kinds :)

Some of the Awesomes are members of the SWAMP Club. We think they are awesome.

For now we are road riding on the Pinellas Trail until the Captain and Awesome is in fightin' shape. Then we shall hit the trails. It's been a tough year for the Captain, but she's back in the saddle again. We knew that would happen because hey.... she's awesome.

This community is for present and past members of Team Awesome only. To join you must live in the Tampa Bay area and ride with Team Awesome. We realize that Awesome doesn't live in the area, but we think she will be back, so she stays. Plus, being one of the Founding Members of Team Awesome, she is a lifetime member anyway.

If you are interested in joining and you don't know any of us personally, go ahead and request to join. If you meet us on a ride and don't cry like a little girl, you may be promoted to AWESOME! Most members of Team Awesome are women between the ages of 27-37. We do allow men, but you must 1) Lift all things heavy and 2) Don't complain about the estrogen factor and 3) Don't try to tell us what to do or how to ride. Trust us, we know.