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Team Awesome Ride Piccys! [Jul. 24th, 2006|09:32 am]
The Awesomes


Awesome, Awesome, and Awesome went to Alafia on Saturday. Alafia was all muddy and shitty, so after a while we said "fuck this, this ain't awesome at all! As a matter of fact, it's quite UN-Awesome!". So we went to Morris Bridge, down to another trailhead.

This made the Team Captain and Supreme Ruler pleased:

It's important to note here that Awesome got a coupla new twin mojos on Chicken Chicken. A move that would prove fateful:

Goddamn Newbies.

Malissa looks hot and pouty here. In a good way. I think we're teaching her the benefits of Self Glamour Shots:

10 minutes into the ride, Eve looks down and notices that Boc and Bok didn't do their job. The Team Bike Computer, which logs the distance and travel time, was missing. Note in the picture above that the computer was attached crooked. And the chickens had nothing to say about it. Fuckers. No, we never found it again, either.

After a riding for who-knows-how-long, Eve tried to take a corner too fast and ate it, slamming her shoulder into the sand. When she looked up upon landing, she noted that her bike was on top of her, and she could barely see the sky through her spokes. She again, blames Bok and Boc. Goddamn Newbies. Eve tears off her helmet and pouts:

Shane, on the other hand, was on fire:

Malissa, becoming overheated and crampy, also stopped to pout:

But we started to ride again, much to Malissa's pleasure:

And we've got video!

Shane flies down and sings up the hill

As does Malissa

But, she doesn't always make it...but she tries...

Eve hits Tree. Eve falls. Eve also recieves her first flat tire on the trail.


And Shane rides on...

All and all, a good ride. Tough, and we learned the value of a good pump (thank god I bought one on the way into Alafia!) Maybe Bok and Boc told me to buy it after all....they will learn, they will learn.